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O K L A H O M A  C I T Y


Past History of FTZ#106

  • 1962 October 30 - The Port Authority of the Greater Oklahoma City Area was established due to a possible inland water port being created.
  • 1980 - A feasibility study for a Foreign-Trade Zone was conducted.
  • 1983 January 26 - The Port Authority met after an extended adjournment. At this time the Authority gave approval to submit an application to establish a Foreign-Trade Zone.
    • July 1 - Application for Zone status submitted to the National Foreign-Trade Zones Board.
    • September 28 - A public hearing was conducted concerning application for the Zone.
  • 1984 September 14 - Application for Zone status was approved by the National Foreign-Trade Zones Board.
  • 1985 October 16 - Foreign-Trade Zone Administrator, staff position supported by the City for Foreign-Trade Zone#106, begins functions.
  • 1986 June - Port Authority approves a contract with the future operator of the Zone, Aero-Meridian Corporation. Port Authority approves of the concept to modify and expand the Zone's boundary.
    • Operator has a warehouse that consists of#106,000 square feet, located one mile from WRWA. Warehouse is operated by Biagi Warehousing.
    • August 1986 Port Authority submits application for expansion of FTZ requesting designation for 236 acres of land.
  • 1988 August 23 - General Motors Corporation's 437-acre automobile assembly plant in Oklahoma City transfers from it's original Zone in Tulsa to Oklahoma City's FTZ#106.
  • 1991 November 1 - Ted Davis Manufacturing Inc. submits application for Sub-zone Status.
    • October 29, 1992 Sub-zone established.
  • 1994 - Administrators who were with the OKC planning department retired.
    • July 1 - Administration of the FTZ#106 was reassigned to the Oklahoma City Department of Airports.
    • Mr. Vince Smith works toward obtaining staff to administer FTZ#106.

History of FTZ#106 Under South Chamber Administration
  • 1995/96 South Chamber is awarded administration of Foreign Trade Zone#106.
    • The South Chamber secures IMS Worldwide, Inc. A consulting firm from Houston, Texas with over 25 years experience in developing Foreign-Trade Zones, to assist in the development of the proper infrastructure needed to adequately market the Zone.
  • 1996 Foreign-Trade Zone#106 added 9 new sites and 793 acres of available land for development.
    • A series of Training Sessions designed to specifically educate the business community about the opportunities that they may be able to access through this program.

  • The new sites have grown into new subzones that have prospered and helped the State of Oklahoma.
    • 2000 Imation, a spinoff of 3M in Weatherford is activated
    • March 2001 ConocoPhillips refinery located in Ponca City is activated.
    • October 2001 Xerox Corporation located in Oklahoma City is activated.

Administration of FTZ #106 Moves to the Department of Airports
  • 2002 Luther Trent, , Director of Airports, located at the Will Rogers Airport, takes over as the Zone administrator.
  • 2004 Conscious Living Strategies of Guthrie, OK takes over the role of development for FTZ#106.
  • 2005 Mark Krannenberg is hired as the new Director of Airports and takes over as the Zone administrator.
  • 2006 Matthew Weaver, who is an economic development specialist in international business and marketing, is hired to lead the growth and development of FTZ#106 into its new era.


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